BioClub Tokyo
BioHack Academy 2022
28th February – 2nd May 2022
BioClub Tokyo will again join the Waag for the BioHack Academy 2022

Let’s make biotechnology public!

Biology is step by step turning into a creative discipline and it’s now up to us to shape its applications and the nature-based solutions it can support.

After completing the BioHack Academy you can grow your own fuel, food, filaments, pharmaceuticals, fragrances and fungi. We’ll teach you how to build your own biolab, how to culture living factories and how to code your experiments, all guided by the appropriate biosafety standards. We have our Open Wet Lab, our Fab Lab and coding class at your disposal.

Learn how to design, grow and extract your own biomaterials using only Open Source hardware you fabricate yourself. Whether it’s a new type of bio-ink, biopolymer or biofuel, we’ll show you how to grow it yourself and share the results with others. For starters, you may choose a product from our collection, such as violacein (purple dye) or cellulose (biopolymer), and/or tell us about your own living material of choice.

When & where

  • Dates: 28th February – 2nd May 2022
  • Location: BioClub Tokyo, FabCafe 2F, 〒150-0043 東京都渋谷区道玄坂1丁目22−7 道玄坂ピアビル2階
  • Global Lecture. Every Monday 18:00 – 20:00 JST (Will be recorded)
  • Regular Meeting Times will be confirmed after the first session


Global Lectures will be in English, Local Session will be in English/Japanase. You are expected to write the documentation in English. Don’t worry if your English is not perfect – but it should be enough to understand English Presentations.


Please fill out the registration form and join the BioClub Slack

How we get it done

In 2.5 months we will build up our own biofactories together. Every week a lecture will be given and recorded. You will have access to the BioClub Lab during two days a week to build equipment, conduct experiments and get the support you need

The BioHack Academy lectures will give you insight into what kind of tool we are building and its usefulness in the lab. Whether you choose to either replicate the design of the tutor, improve it or build your own device from scratch. It’s up to you how sophisticated things may get.

The program is a hands-on bootcamp. All students are required to keep track of their progress and document their work, allowing them to learn from each other. Two weeks in advance of each lecture students will receive a recommended materials list and access to the tutor’s design, allowing for enough time to purchase items or to seek alternatives. By the end of the course, you and your fellow classmates will be turned into fully equipped biohackers, capable of growing a broad range of biomaterials, ready to continue production independently at home.


The curriculum and activities in short:

  • Week 1 – Introducing the BioHack Academy
    • Biohacking, Biosafety and Documentation
  • Week 2 & 3 – (un)Making the Lab (hardware)
    • Deconstructing existing lab hardware
    • Making your own lab hardware with open source blueprints
  • Week 4 & 5 – Operating the Lab
    • Wetlab in action: following protocols: making media and growing organisms
    • Wetlab in action: tweaking protocols: DIY-biomaterials, produce and biosensors
  • Week 6 & 7 – Designing Lab experiments in Bio Engineering
    • Recoding life in silico: Designing DNA digitally
    • Cell free expression with CRISPR-Cas9: using CRISPR-Cas9
  • Week 8 & 9 – Individual Experiment
  • Choosing a personal project:
    1. Redesigning lab hardware
    2. Growing your own materials
    3. Designing DNA
  • Week 10 – Final presentations

You will learn from academic, hacker, biodesign and bioart laboratory practices, with lectures from practitioners from all those fields. From hackers making their own laboratory hardware, artists working with CRISPR protocol to academic researchers advocating Open Source experimentation.

  • Make your own Sterile Hood
  • Make your own Magnetic Stirrer
  • Assemble Pocket PCR Machine and Fiber Spectrometer
  • Natural Dyes with natural Bacteria
  • Culturing Slime-molds
  • Plant-Tissue Culture
  • Hunt for Water Bears (Tardigrades)!
  • Genetic Transformation of Bacteria (GFP, E.coli)
  • Genetic Transformation of Bacteria with CRISPR/Cas9
  • Mammalian Tissue Culture
  • Cell-Free Gene Expression
  • Design Your Own Plasmids!
  • Learn how to do PCR!
  • Learn how to use the Bento Lab

Extra Curriculum in Japan, Local Guest Speakers, Excursions

In addition to the Global Lectures from the Waag, we will invite local guest speakers ranging from experts in Bioinformatics, DIY Bio, Virology, BioArt, DNA Sequencing, Bio-Printing, etc. Details to be confirmed.

We will also make excursions to Tokyo-based Research Labs.

What’s next

After the Academy has been completed, you will receive a BioHack Academy Biofactory certificate. The project Github and video channel are open to the public to share the results with the Open Source biotech community at large. In possession of your own biofactory, you may continue to advance your production skills, engage in directed evolution experiments, produce biogas, purify water, bioremediate polluted soil, just to give a few. Bio has no limits!

Participation Fees

The costs for participating at the BioHack Academy through BioClub Tokyo differs from the costs at the Waag.

  • Discounted Participation Fee: ¥130,000 ( Applications for Discount are closed.
  • Standard Participation Fee: ¥190,000 (
  • Corporate Participation Fee: ¥375,000 ( contact us for corporate discounts.)

Discounted Participation Fee is available for Students, Researchers, NEETs, FabAcademy Graduates. Please get in touch for details. The Discounted Participation Fee is available until Febrary 4th.

100% payment is due upon registration.

All fees include course materials, reagents and disposables.

The maximum of participants for the BioHack Academy 2022 at the BioClub Tokyo is eight, applications are accepted on a first-come / first-serve basis upon receipt of the payment.

Who is BioHack Academy For?

Past participants of BHA in Tokyo included artists, designer, makers, computer engineers, biologist. You don’t need to have a background in biology – just an interest!

Graduation Requirements

  • Finished and Reviewed Documentation
  • Final Project

Local Instructor

  • The local sessions of the BioHack Academy will be organized and led by Georg Tremmel. Other local instructor will also join for specific sessions.

Q & A

Do I need any background in Biology to participate?

No, you will learn everything during the course.

I can not understand English? Can I still participate?

The global lectures and content will be in English, and also you should write the documentation and present your Final Project in English. Your English does not need to be perfect, just enough to communicate with your fellow students.

I want to join! Where do I sign up?`

Please fill out the Application Form. We will get in touch with you!

Will there be another Info Event, where I can learn more about the BioHack Academy and get a Lab Tour of BioClub?

Yes, we will make another in-person Info Session on February 1st at 19:00.

I graduate from previous BioHack Academies at BioClub. Can I join sessions this year?

Please get in touch, you are welcome to join. We would be happy if you could share your experience.

I am worried about Corona? Can we still make the in-person sessions?

We will monitor the situations and follow strict rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If we can not hold in-person sessions during BHA we will hold them at a later date.

I am not living in Tokyo. Can I join remotely?

If you have already the possibility to make experiments locally we can support remote participation. Please understand that we can not send you lab equipment to do the experiments. Please contact us to talk about details.

BioClub Tokyoは今年もWaagのBioHack Academy 2022に参加します。



BioHack Academyを修了すると、燃料、食品、フィラメント、医薬品、香料、菌類を自分で栽培することができます。バイオラボの作り方、生きた工場の培養方法、実験のコーディング方法など、適切なバイオセーフティ基準に基づいて指導します。オープンウェットラボ、ファブラボ、コーディングクラスがあり、自由に使うことができます。



  • 日程 2022年2月28日~5月2日
  • 場所 BioClub Tokyo, FabCafe 2F, 〒150-0043 東京都渋谷区道玄坂1丁目22-7 道玄坂ピアビル2階
  • グローバルレクチャー 毎週月曜日 18:00 – 20:00 (録画予定)
  • 定例会の開催時間は、初回開催後に確定します




登録フォームにご記入の上、BioClub Slackにご参加ください。

How we get it done


BioHack Academyの講義では、私たちがどのようなツールを作っているのか、ラボでどのように役立つのかを知ることができます。講師の設計を再現するか、改良するか、自分で一から装置を作るか、どちらかを選択します。どこまで洗練されたものにするかは、あなた次第です。




  • 第1週目:バイオハック・アカデミーの紹介**」。
    • バイオハッキング、バイオセーフティ、ドキュメンテーション
  • 第2週と第3週 – (アン)メイキング・ザ・ラボ(ハードウェア)***。
    • 既存の実験用ハードウェアの分解
    • オープンソースの設計図を使って実験用ハードウェアを自作する
  • 第4週と第5週 – 実験室の運営**について
    • ウェットラボの実際:プロトコルに従う:培地作りと生物育成
    • ウェットラボの実際:プロトコルの調整。DIY-バイオマテリアル、プロデュース、バイオセンサー
  • 第6週と第7週:バイオエンジニアリングの実験デザイン**。
    • 生命をインシリコで記録する。DNAをデジタルにデザインする
    • CRISPR-Cas9を用いた無細胞発現:CRISPR-Cas9の活用
  • 第8週、第9週 個人実験**について
  • 個人プロジェクトの選択
    1. ラボのハードウェアを再設計する
    2. 材料を自分で育てる
    3. DNAの設計
  • 第10週目:最終発表会***。


  • 無菌フードを作ろう
  • マグネチックスターラーを作ろう
  • PocketPCR 機械とファイバー分光器 を組み立てる。
  • 天然菌による天然染料
  • 粘菌の培養
  • 植物組織培養
  • 水グマ(クマムシ)を追え!?
  • 細菌の遺伝子組換え(GFP、大腸菌)
  • CRISPR/Cas9による細菌の遺伝子組換え
  • 哺乳類組織培養
  • 無細胞遺伝子発現
  • プラスミドをデザインしよう
  • PCRのやり方を学ぼう
  • Bento Labの使い方を学ぼう





アカデミー終了後、BioHack Academy Biofactoryの修了証をお渡しします。プロジェクトのGithubと動画チャンネルを公開し、オープンソースのバイオテクノロジーコミュニティで広く成果を共有します。自分のバイオファクトリーを手に入れたら、生産技術の向上、指向性進化実験、バイオガスの生産、水の浄化、汚染土壌のバイオレメディエーションなど、さまざまなことに挑戦してください。バイオに限界はないのです。


BioClub Tokyoを通したBioHack Academyの参加費用は、Waagでの参加費用と異なり、以下の通りです。

  • 参加費割引:130,000円(税抜)割引の申し込みは締め切りました。
  • 通常参加費:190,000円(税抜)
  • 企業参加費:375,000円(税抜)(法人割引については、お問い合わせください。)




BioHack Academy 2022 at the BioClub Tokyoの定員は8名で、先着順で参加費をお支払いいただきます。

BioHack Academyは誰のためのものですか?



  • 完成し、レビューされたドキュメント
  • 最終プロジェクト


  • BioHack Academyのローカルセッションは、Georg Tremmelが企画・運営を行います。また、特定のセッションには他の現地講師も参加する予定です。







Application Formに必要事項を記入してください。折り返しご連絡いたします。

BioHack Academyの詳細やBioClubのラボツアーができるインフォメーションイベントはありますか?


BioClubで開催された過去のBioHack Academyを卒業した者です。今年のセッションに参加できますか?