Welcome to the New Website for BioClub Tokyo.

We are currently working on a new, community-driven site for BioClub Tokyo, so we can share and communicate all the exciting things, projects and workshops that happen in and around BioClub, the wider Japanese Bio-Scence and the Global BioCommunity!

Weekly Meetings, every Tuesday at 19:00

The Weekly Meeting on Tuesday, 6th of September will be ONLINE Only at zoom.bioclub.tokyo

Please join us for our Weekly BioClub Meetings! Come and meet our amazing Bio-Community, have a look at our BioLab, feel free to ask questions about DIY Bio, BioArt, BioDesign. Newcomers very much welcome!

Legacy BioClub Website

Our legacy BioClub Website still has a some content and event infos.

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Join us at our BioClub Slack to get in touch and find out more about the ongoing projects.

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